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Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout … A Mother’s Response
by Kimberly Roberson

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In ‘Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout … A Mother’s Response,’ Ms Roberson writes, “The silence after the earthquake, nuclear meltdown and tsunamis AF (after Fukushima) was truly deafening and unlike anything I had experienced before. Surreal, ‘Twilight Zone’ comparisons were hard to avoid. Knowing what I knew, and then seeing those facts be so thoroughly disregarded by the media and elected officials had begun to take on a sort of nightmare quality.”

Ms. Roberson pulls from her experiences in environmental activism, nutrition and motherhood to alert us to the dangers of radioactive fallout in U.S. topsoil, ground water, produce and dairy resulting from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. She asserts, “The one thing such experience brings that is startlingly clear to me: radioactive fallout from nuclear power and food do not mix, and children are especially at risk.” She makes a strong case for protecting California agriculture, currently the 5th largest producer in the world, not only in halting plans for the next generation of nuclear reactors but going one step further in calling for immediate transitioning from nuclear power to renewable energy before another nuclear disaster happens. This book speaks to the urgent need for food monitoring, conservation and renewable energy, as radiation from nuclear power is now migrating into our homes and kitchens.

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About the Author

Kimberly Roberson worked in the fields of environmental activism and holistic nutrition education before becoming a mother. From early in her career, she worked on anti-nuclear and other social justice campaigns at Sane/Freeze, CALPIRG and Greenpeace in Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco; learned about natural health and organic food while living and working on a community farm in Bolinas, California; studied holistic nutrition at Bauman College; and then owned New Health Design in San Rafael and San Francisco.

Kimberly’s passion for natural health led her to serve on the board of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals; she was also the founding vice-president for their California chapter. Kimberly has lobbied for environmental and natural health issues on the state and federal level in Sacramento and Washington, DC, and at the Food and Drug Administration in Maryland. After Fukushima erupted she wrote a petition calling for radiation monitoring of food, milk and water, which led to the formation of the Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (FFAN). ‘Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout … A Mother’s Response,’ is her first book.

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“While Kimberly Roberson’s book is an insightful and well-written account of the global consequences we all face from the ongoing disaster at Fukushima, it is also much more than that. Her story is an inspiring example of the power of taking action and getting involved. Told from a mother’s perspective, Kimberly’s book is about uncovering the truth while swimming upstream against governmental lies that have become almost cliché, and an incognizant public that’s either too disinclined or afraid to seek the truth. Her book is a profound reminder that knowledge is power, that ordinary people are the ones who often change the world, that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, and that we all have the power to provoke solutions to our greatest problems by taking action and inspiring others to do the same.”

~ Bill Richardson, Deputy Executive Director, Greenpeace, USA

“Governments underestimate the effect of official silence on anxious mothers! Kimberly is not alone, even though she is more knowledgeable than many others, in becoming increasingly concerned about the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan and its effect on California milk, water, spinach, mushrooms and other foods. Platitudes about ‘permissible doses’ cannot take away parental responsibility and non-monitoring of fallout by the government does not make the problem go away! Thank God for mothers like Kimberly! I encourage everyone to read this small book with reliable information written in ordinary lay language. You will learn how passive most Americans were during this major disaster. You will learn how negligent were the government agencies we depend on for meaningful and timely warnings and advice for self-protection and caring for one’s family!”

~ Rosalie Bertell, PhD, GNSH founder of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health (IICPH) and former consultant to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, Health Canada

“We all owe Kimberly Roberson a debt of gratitude for bringing to light the health and safety issues related to the dangerous radiation releases from Fukushima. She underscored the need for food monitoring of radiation and transparency of findings in the U.S. food supply, even if U.S. elected officials and the media choose to ignore the ongoing problem. This is a ‘must read’ for anyone concerned about the impact of radiation on future generations.”

~ Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food and Water Watch

“Kimberly Roberson’s wonderful new book is engaging, exciting and eloquent.  No one can speak better to the radioactive crisis threatening our Mother Earth than a committed activist mother. This is an important contribution to the Solartopian dialogue, a graceful addition to the litany of going green …”

~ Harvey Wasserman, Author of “Harvey Wasserman’s History of the United States,”

and Solartopia!: Our Green-Powered Earth AD 2030

Silence Deafening is a must read! Ms. Roberson has identified the radioactive elephant in the global room that is ruining our health and REALLY threatens our collective survival. This is not a story by the girl who cried wolf. I appreciate her facts, feelings, food sensibility and leadership on how to advocate for an end to nuclear power. Message: don’t be scared, be prepared. From the ground up and from the top down, radioactivity is a growing concern that must be measured and can be curtailed once we get out of shock and address a root cause of our damaged and dying civilization, toxic radiation.”

~ Ed Bauman, PhD, Founder and President of Bauman College:

Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

“I highly recommend you read (and heed) Ms. Roberson’s account, ‘Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout … A Mother’s Response.’  This writing combines narrative, investigative journalism and whistle-blowing in informative prose. I started out doubtful, worn (what, another crisis I have to know about?) but Kimberly’s self-reflective style of identifying herself as a ’stay-at-home mom,’ her anecdotal asides, plus the information she offers along the way dusted off the doubts and whittled away the weariness. I’m glad I now know about this ignored disaster, and will attempt to be a force for knowing and no longer a force for ignoring. Join me, and Ms. Roberson, to disseminate this information.”

~ Dr. Susan Parenti, Co-Author with Dr. Patch Adams “The Politics of Care”

and Director of School for Designing a Society

“For new mothers who are too young to have been educated in the horrors of the nuclear above-ground testing age as I was in the 1960s, this is an essential read.  In her 20s, Kim’s passion for a healthy planet brought her together with us to work against the irresponsible handling of radioactive waste as we battled against putting it into holes in the ground that would have contaminated the water supply for millions.  Now, as a mother of a young son, her passion again compels her to raise awareness of the enormous and unspoken results of Fukushima fallout. Hopefully mothers and grandmothers everywhere will join with Kim and the mothers in Japan to stop this nuclear insanity for everyone and the children of the future.”

~ Marybeth Brangan, Filmmaker and Co-Director, Ecological Options Network

“If more mothers like Kimberly Roberson act on their concerns, we can go a long way to reducing future threats of nuclear power contamination of our food supplies. How dare this industry disperse so much known cancer and other disease-causing radioactivity locally and globally, endangering this and future generations, all the while denying the hazard? It’s pretty hard to avoid the invisible but real poisons still being emitted from Fukushima (and every nuclear power reactor) when we cannot see, smell, taste or feel them and when the government that licenses this industry refuses to provide or require meaningful monitoring or reporting. Thanks Kim for learning all you can and for yelling so loudly and clearly.”

~ Diane D’Arrigo, Radioactive Waste Project Director,

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

“The burden of knowing too much is all to evident in ‘Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout … A Mother’s Response’by Kimberly Roberson. A person can do two things with this burden: they can choose to ignore what they know and go about life as it is now, or they can ACT. Roberson has chosen to act because not doing so was unconscionable to her. This is clear in her well-researched and passionately written book which seeks not only to share important knowledge of radiation contamination in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe in Japan, but also to convince people knowledge is power, they do have a voice and can take action to protect themselves and the ones they love. The ultimate answer: shut the nuclear reactors down and usher in a cleaner, friendlier energy future with wind and solar power at its core.”

~ Cindy Folkers, Radiation Health Hazards Specialist, Beyond Nuclear